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Cemetery: Monroe Township Cemeteries
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Image Map Name Date of Death
Adams, A.T. 00/00/1881
Adams, Addie I. 01/27/2008
Adams, Charles E. 01/13/2013
Adams, David Paul 01/18/2009
Adams, Infant 04/00/1951
Adams, Norman F. 07/26/1990
Adams, W. W. 00/00/1898
Adkins, Clyde 06/11/1998
Adkins, Edna L. 09/07/1986
Adkins, Ella Sue 01/13/1987
Adkins, Iona M. 05/23/2009
Adkins, Jane Sherwood 05/09/2012
Adkins, Johnnie L. 09/06/1977
Adkins, Nellie Marie 02/21/2008
Adkins, Oscar 12/27/2016
Adkins, Paul 07/01/2016
Adkins, Randy 09/14/2004
Adkins, Ruth C. 01/23/2002
Adkins, Shawnn Frank 06/16/2005
Adkins, Shirley 10/02/1997