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Cemetery: Monroe Township Cemeteries
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Image Map Name Date of Death
Allen, Arthur V. 02/13/2007
Allen, Celia A. 01/20/1933
Allen, Charles Irwin 03/18/1952
Allen, Daisie Parsons 05/21/1935
Allen, James C. 07/01/1934
Allen, Kenneth Lynn 09/09/1933
Allen, Lily Mae 12/25/2007
Allen, Miller B. 03/30/1935
Alley, Edna Pauline 07/29/1970
Alley, Foster B. 01/04/2006
Alley, Rodney Lee 03/03/1963
Allred, Collins 03/19/2007
Allred, Jo Ann 03/07/2002
Allred, Rickey R. 03/20/1991
Alltop, Lance Alan 07/31/1961
Altic, A. Eugene 11/06/1968
Altic, Foster J. 03/15/1963
Altic, Maurice E. 12/07/1977
Altic, Naomi Jane 09/29/1918
Altic, Zola Clara 05/03/1960
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